BRC Certified for food safety

Headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Mariner Seafood LLC is a BRC Certified Supplier.

“Mariner Seafood has always been committed to providing our customers with the best quality sustainable seafood under the most stringent food safety practices and requirements,” said Jack Flynn, President of Mariner Seafood, LLC. “This second consecutive year BRC certification illustrates Mariner’s continued commitment to food safety”  

Mariner Seafood LLC operates a fresh groundfish and scallop packing and processing plant at 14 South Street, New Bedford, MA.  Mariner Seafood LLC also offers a wide variety of imported frozen seafood products.  

MISSION STATEMENT:  Mariner Seafood, LLC truly cares about our customers, our environment, our industry and the consumer.  We wholeheartedly embrace our responsibility to educate, inform and share our knowledge and insight to help people live stronger, safe and healthier lifestyles.  We will not compromise our belief in providing the highest standard of quality resources, which is essential to serving our customers with excellence.

Traceability, Transparency and Sustainability, Mariner Seafood is 100% dedicated to preserving our precious resources.